Girls On Fire Family

Senior Sales Directors

1 or more Offspring Sales Directors

Bry Gossett

Sales Directors

24 or more active unit members. Average 36% commission for personal team, average 23% for unit commission. 

Eligible to earn Pink Cadillac XT5, Chevy Equinox, Ford Fusion, or Chevy Cruze. Eligible to earn Top Director Trips.

Michele P

Quency Long

Maria Williford

Tavia Iles

Directors-In-Qualification & Future Directors 

8 active team members. 13% commission, $50 team building bonus, FD Scarf and Enhancer, Eligible to earn Chevy Cruze

Under Construction

Team Leaders

5 active team members. 13% commission, $50 team building bonus, TL Enhancer, Eligible to go on target for Free Chevy Cruze

Under Construction

Under Construction

Star Team Builders

3 active team members. 4% commission, Red Jacket Debut, $50 Red Jacket Rebate, $50 team building bonus, Enhancer

Under Construction

Under Construction

Senior Consultants

1 active team member. 4% commission, Senior Enhancer, Standing Recognition at Success Events

Under Construction

© 2017 Bryunah Gossett, Independent Senior Sales Director

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